Friday, May 25, 2007

The yo yo effect

Wednesday I got a fanatstic thrill, which is very exciting to say none the less, the subject I cannot reveal until next month! SOOOO excited to share! Today I went the other way. There was an incident at my son's school today that left me feeling quite sick to my stomach. That topic will not be shared here, for privacy reasons.

I took Will and Tim for hair cuts today and it cost $32 for the pleasure. Ouch! Will be looking for a cheaper barber that's for sure. Will now looks like a 3 yo instead of a 2 yo and Tim's curls are all but gone. HMMMMM.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unconditional love

I have been amazed at the amount of generousity in the digi scrapping world. Deb F lost her husband quite tragically last week and there has been nothing but love and support for her and her family. Over at Pickleberrypop if you purchase anything from Deb's range this month (May) all of the money goes straight to her, no fees, no comissions. This will help her and her family out with funeral costs etc. Click on this blinkie and it'll take you there!Buy Deb F!!

I scored myself a free kit by registering over at Not Just Digital Scrapbooking! which I was pretty chuffed about. I picked up a kit by Dianne Rigdon called Fresh Start. While I was checking out Dianne's stuff at
shabby elements I found a cool tutorial on painting shadows, looks so much better than plain old drop shadows from the drop down menu in PSE4 that's for sure. If you look at the lO below I had a go at doing them myself.

Really need to get off the old buttski and get n with the housework. I have AJ's birthday party to cook for on Friday, so today I want the house clean and tidy so all I do on Friday is cook/ice the cake and make salads for Saturday's BBQ.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Just this today

Credit: Dianne Rigdon - Fresh Start (including font); Special thank you to atomic cupcake.

Will is being a monster - L8R !

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tum te tum tum


Have been seriously put out this week. My darling other half took the modem to work as his work one was stuffed. He didn't bring it back. He bought a new one the next day to replace it and it would not cooperate with the firebox. He also did not have the IT guy's mobile to ring for help, so we had to wait until work on Monday to get it right. I guess I shouldn't complain too much as it is his work that pays for our home ADSL. I was just majorly concerned as I really wanted to get a subscription to atomic cupcake before their prices went up. I scraped in so now I have some new actions to play with.


As for the children, Will has been saying new words EVERY day! Cracking us up with what comes out. the funniest is hen he tries to say Scoop and it comes out poop with an exhalation through his nose at the end. I'll try to record it and put up a sound bite if I can.

Timmy has been gettig better with his TT. He can go the whole day without wetting his pants now. FINALLY. Just got to get those poos in order. He can go the whole day at preschool and then as soon as he comes home. Whammo there it is smelly and disgusting in his undies. GROSS.

AJ is back at school. Loves school. He came home today and told me we had to walk to school on Friday as it is walk to school day. I don't think he realises the distance that involves! We have a compromise, we will drive part of the way and walk the rest. His cross country race is that morning too so I don't really want him too tired to run.

We have a new fur kid too. A hooded rat. Just haven't come up with a mane that sticks yet. Timmy has called him Mouse, I call him Whatsit, mostly he just gets called the rat.

Must go and peel some vegies. I am being all domestic and cooking a roast pork.