Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Umm...Merry New Australia Day?

Kinda gotten lost in all the end of and new year hype and lagged with the old blog. Time has flown and it is almost Australia Day, end of holidays and the start of the school year. Yikes! AJ starts kinder soon and Timmy might be off to preschool. We had every intention of starting Tim at preschool, but he still hasn't toilet trained yet. We are thinking of postponing his enrolment for a term or even maybe another year.

Have plans for this blog to start sharing some of my digi scrap ideas - papers and some elements that I have been working on for awhile.

What news? Well, let's see, I'ver started training for a half marathon although my training has become quite slack in the last week as the temp rises here and added to some really bad nights (kids/dogs/heat) I have opted to sleep instead of getting up early to run. I am inspired to do so, my nephew Ben is training for the paraolympic rowing team and has to put in some hard yakka -and he was quite impressed that I was giving it a go. Now he's doing it tough!

Phew it is hot in the study! I need to get motivated and get some housework done instead of this lolly gagging ;)