Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm it, I've been tagged

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1. I love indoor rock climbing.
2. I am scared of heights.
3. I love white chocolate.
4. I drink WAY too much tea.
5. I rip out recipe pages from waiting room magazines!

and I tag Retta, Marg, Claire, Sarah and Dee!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Toot toot

LO of the day clickchicdesigns how cool!

How sweet he is!

I was woken in the wee hours this morning by Will. Cimbed out of his cot and then thumped down the hall to our bedroom. Picked him up and snuggled him in the crook of my arm, where he promptly fell asleep with his arm cuddling me. Sigh! Such a precious moment. His little face was so angelic, I wish my eyes were a camera to take a photo. I guess I did take a photo with my eyes, that image of him sweetly sleeping in my arms is burnt onto my heart forever.

Here he is at his second birthday. Credits: Kate F - Sunshiny Days and More Sunshiny Days; Tara Dunstan - Tarty Templates COl 7 #2.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I have been suffering from my own lack of creativty and have been relying heaps on sketches and templates.
I love this place -------->Pagemaps and I also came across this one ----->Little Book of Sketches I used one from LBOS in this LO of AJ.

Credits: d2D - Keela (papers); Faer Oak - kitbashvol2 (memoirdflourish - recoloured); scrapastrophe - photo prongs; Bella Gypsy Designs - Plush Petals; Sketch - Litlle Book of Sketches Designed by Catherine Latta.
Fonts: honey I stole your jumper: cast iron

I actually thought I was just rambling to myself, but I discovered that people do come and see what I am up too! Awwwwe shucks! Thanks for caring! MWAH!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hello stranger!

Remember me?

I am so hopless in keeping up to date with my blog.

How can it be April? Not fair, Will turned two in March. AJ and Tim have just finished term one of kinder and preschool.

I need to find motivation, not just here on my blog, but IRL too. I just don't seem to get anywhere these days. House is a sty, always, no matter how hard I try to keep it tidy. I just have not seemed to find my groove at all this year.

Does anyone know where motivation is hiding? Come out come out where ever you are!