Thursday, June 12, 2008

vvvrrrrrtttttt - the sound of another week gone by!

Really where does time go? I just got a txt to do a call out for the next P&C meeting, I feel like I only just sent the last lot of minutes out! I guess my life right now is on high speed. I spent most of last week trying to organise a new FDC arrangement for Will. At this stage he has a constant person Wed and Fri but a temp for Monday. Biggest drag is that I have to spend 15 mins driving to drop him off to return almost back to the same spot for work :( I'm doing the solo parent thing too - DH is away for work. Kids have been pretty good - missing their Dad of course!

I've managed to get a few LO's done - late nights and early mornings when everyone is asleep ;)

Credits Here AJ at his 7th birthday party. He had a bowling party and had a fun time! I just love these photos of him!

Credits Here This is our bunny Bluey what else could you call a blue eyed bunny? He is a house-bunny too - he sleeps in the bathroom at night and he gets put out during the day into a secure hutch.

Credits Here This is a hybrid challenge over at Designs In Digital. Check it out here!

Credits Here I don't scrap my hubby enough, he won't let me take photos of him!

Credits Here I love these Jumping Jacks! Will and Timmy loved their's, they were hanging off me as I was cutting them out. They got to play with them before I strung them up, so these photos are pre-strung. I didn't get AJ's done as I ran out of ink and I haven't been able to replace it yet.

If you are in the mood for a challenge I have a what's my theme challenge over at Designs in Digital. It is on using monotones. There are still a few days open for this before I give another challenge.