Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Long weekend too short!

Phew! Need a holiday after the long week end. We did heaps and had so much fun.

On Friday we went for a walk around part of Lake Burley Griffin - from the Museum to Regatta Point, stopping for a coffee at the bike hire. We then walked through Commonwealth Park up over the pedestrian bridge into the city and walked to where Rydges is and then back over another pedestiran bridge back to the lake. We fed the swans and the moor hens. AJ and Timmy were able to hand feed the parents, the cygnets are still a bit wary. They are almost adult size but "peep" like babies rather than "honk" like adults.

Saturday was a hang around the house day with the kids playing games.

Sunday, we had an egg hunt in the garden and then had a picnic lunch at Cotter Reserve. We had a walk around part of the reserve and then headed home, via a detour to Mount Stromlo for afternoon tea.

Monday after lunch we went to Tidbinbilla Nature Park to meet up with some friends and relaxed with the kids at the playground.

I managed to get a page scrapped on Easter. I used a freebie kit by Lisasdesigns called Hop Hop. Thanks Lisa. Fonts were: Papyrus and Script MT Bold. My demo version of PSCS2 has expired and I had to use my really old version of PS. I am now going to try a demo of PSE4 and then make the decison of which one I will get.

I finally downloaded some photos I took a few weeks back too. Here is a photo of the ceramic wall art the DH got me for our anniversary. I cannot wait to be able to hang this up in our new house. For the non-Aussies that stalk my blog this is the body armour that an infamous bushranger called Ned Kelly wore.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where has the week gone?

Too fast that's for sure. I guess having to deal with sick family and the cleaning up that goes with it tends to take up a heap of time.

My darling husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last Tuesday. Not that we did much, he spent most of the day throwing up. He bought a piece of wall art. A hand made ceramic of Ned Kelly's armour. I had seen it at the Nation Museum gift shop a few weeks back and said that I had liked it, I had no idea that he was going to get it for me. I felt a bit lame buying him the second season of Voyager and some Darrel Lea goodies. We had our special anniversary dinner on Friday night instead.

I have finished a LO. This is of J and AJ when he was a new born. The kit is Versatality by Annette Farrelly, font is impact, I did it all using a demo of PS CS2. The colours look great with the photos.

I have been exploring the demo of PS CS2 and have found it excellent. I have even had a go at designing my own kit. I still have a way to go with the designing side of digi scrapping. I am in awe at those who do design, they all do such a fantastic job. My attempt just pales with comparison to them. I call this "linen". I was inspired by my bed sheets, so maybe credit has to go to Sheridan.

Well, 'tis late, I need my beauty sleep.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A bucket, some towels and a whole lot of washing


This week could not get any worse....or could it? I still smell like vomit.

Friday night AJ complains of stomach cramps and throws up a lot overnight. He's fine. Fresh as a daisy. He slept in between vomits, but I was awake waiting for another moan, every little twitch I was reaching for the bucket and towel.

Spent yesterday washing a lot of bed linen and towels and airing a down quilt. Thank goodness for febreeze!

Cue in next child........Will was unsettled all night spent most of it in with us, we thought it was just the cold night. Until about an hour ago. Woke up, a little cough, a little moan, a little vomit on a pillow (missing AJ by inches) I grab him and he throws up all over me. J comes to the rescue (he was in AJ's bed as AJ had taken over ours) takes Will. I go have a shower. I went to run a bath for Will to discover that he managed to keep himself vomit free.

Turns out I coped the full force of his, with only a small bit on our pillows.

I've put some towels around Timmy's bed just in case.....he was in our bed for a few hours last night too being rather wiggly.

So much for my Sunday lie in!