Monday, July 27, 2009

Call Me Muffin Top

That's me :( I have exploded. My fault no one to blame except my poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Look at that! My jeans are now too tight and EVERYTHING hangs over the top errgghh!

I have started to do something about it. I went for a huge 1 hour walk on Saturday up Mt Oakey and back, its a very steep walk up! I'll do it again on Wednesday morning, and then again on Friday morning. My first goal is to make it to the top without panting. A long way to go yet!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look what I did!

Must say that if it wasn't for the fabulous tutorial at Kevin and Amanda's Blog on how to create a blog background!!

I used Steel City Scraps In The Wash available at Inspiration Lane.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sprung: big time

I just went looking for our new POS camera - DS #3 said DS #2 had it - which speaks volumes. Found it in the toy-room. So who used it? Well the evidence was on the memory card! Must say I am very impressed with the auto face detection mode!

Trying hard to keep a straight face, we sent him into time out for laying with our stuff while we were looking over the shots he took of him self. Hummmm ... scrap-worthy? Indeedy YES!

Jane Goes Tobogganing

Thought I would share this little gem! I get launched at the end - its a shame you cannot hear the almighty crunch I made when I landed! OUCH!

Happy Birthday Little Lemmon!

Christie's little girl is turning two! Help Christie celebrate ...

Click here to go Christie's store at InspirationLane!

New Grab Bag by Christie Lemmon Designs

BTGT repeat sale!

Train is a comming oh yeah!

I am so EXCITED to be part of the LemmonCity Productions Blog Train! We have made a stunning collection of quick pages using Summer-ific and Ride All Day!

Once you have visited all the blogs you will have an aweseome collection of quick pages, just like you can see below!

This is my set!

Click right => HERE! to down load my set of quick pages! I hope you enjoy using htem as much as I loved creating them!

Wanna know what your getting next?

Aren't they just gorgeous? So now off you go on your little choo choo and stop off at Lori's Blog!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can you find the lemon?

There are 3 layouts in the "Christie Lemmon Designs" gallery at Inspiration Lane that have a lemon hidden on it. You find it, you post a link in this thread at Inspiration Lane and you win!!

Here is a piccie of what the lemon looks like, though it is not this big on the layout, lol:

The first person to find one will get a $5.00 coupon to the Christie Lemmon Designs store at Inspiration Lane.
The second person to find one will get a $3.00 coupon to the Christie Lemmon Designs store at Inspiration Lane.
The third person to find one will get a $2.00 coupon to the Christie Lemmon Designs storeat Inspiration Lane.

You can only post one layout per participant so make sure yours has this special little lemon on it.


Steel City Scraps - Buy This! Get This! Sale!

Of course Rachel is getting in on the act as well! Also available at Inspiration Lane this weekend only! Click on the images to take you to the store!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Christie Lemmon Designs - Buy This! Get This! Sale!

Christie Lemmon has done it again - two excellent deals for the weekend!

This weekend only at Inspiration Lane ....

Rock with U and matching Scallop Album both available at Inspiration Lane.

and ....

Summer-ific and matching Badge Album also available at Inspiration Lane!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Using Radial Blur (PSE4)

I have had a few questions asking how did I do a particular effect on a photo recently. LO credits here!

After my usual contrast and colour adjustments, I did the following:

Used an oval shape to select what area I wanted to be clear and in focus. I droped the opacity down while I was positioning it over the photo.

I used the magic wand too to select the shape and selected the chose select and feather and 250px for the feathering.

I then chose the original layer and copied using the feathered selection. Remove or make invisible the shape layer.
I then chose the background layer and went to filter and selected Radial blur: amount 22, zoom and best.

Merge visible layers and you are ready to go.

Happy scrappn!