Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A camping we will go ...

Last Firday night we decided that it was camping weekend. Rang up the family of one of AJ's school friends and invited them to come.

We headed off to Micalong Creek Saturday arvo after Little Athletics.

Beautiful, not many people, and just about the perfect temp. The creek is shallow and rocky and just perfect for exploring. We think we found a platypus burrow.

AJ slept in the tent with his mate's family and they both were bitten by mozzies, you could of made an artwork joining the dots on their faces.

On Monday, by the time I got to work, the school had alreadu rung saying that AJ was sent to sick bay with suspected chicken pox! I knew I should of sent a note to school....

They boys had their own tent to play in, and to watch a DVD in!

We went for a walk on Sunday, and found a few wombat holes and some great rocks to climb on!

Gotta love a weekend away!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello? Is anyone out there?

echo ... echo ... echo ... I think I forgot that I had a blog :(

But did you notice I've prettied it up AGAIN ?

Same ol same ol here. Just about finished the ADSR #4, just waiting for my illustrious partner to finish her side of the final challenge and then we wait. Wait for the drawing of the grand prize.

For the first time in ages I am CT less. Bit weird having no deadlines, but nice to scrap at my leisure for a while.

I found the most gorgeous freebie mega kit the other day. Absolutely scrumptious. It's called Endless Love. The kit is spread out over a few French blogs. My poor school girl French was stretched beyond imagination trying to read them! Oh and a link you ask? Bellisa's Scraps will take you to one of the download links. Have a bo peep at this: