Thursday, June 29, 2006

Are we there yet?

Was the constant question all the way to Lake Macquarie Friday night. AJ managed to stay awake the whole trip from Canberra to Toronto, where he fell asleep at the freeway exit. He awoke about 20 mins later when we arrived at my parent's place all full of beans. He went to sleep about half an hour later, but both Timmy and Will stayed awake until 2 so excited to be at Nanna's.

We had a nice time just staying there and playing in the backyard. AJ and Tim have become adventurous and ride the tricycles down the slope from the garage to the house screaming with delight. Tim tried the neighbours concrete driveway and I think left little skiddies in his nappy - Daddy said his face was horrified!

I managed to get a little recreational shopping with my mum - now a 6 monthly stint, instead of once a month!

I managed to meet up with a few friends I have made on the internet through my online mother's group. That was nice. We plan to make a big meet up one day soon with as many as we can.

Will has been sick with a virus, he had a high temp on Sunday and all he wanted was to be cuddled all day. He has a rash on his chest and back which the GP said it was related to the virus and it would go away in a couple of days. It looks just like a measles rash.

We arrived back on Tuesday to a freezing house. We got the gas connected on our central heating (which was installed on Friday) and are now all toasty warm.

Have some photos from the weekend I must post up when I can find my download cable.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Are you my mother?

No but I wish I was! I found this little guy on Saturday afternoon, I heard him sounding very distressed on Friday and was able to coax him down from the tree on Saturday.

He reminds me so much of our dear lost Cookie who flew away last year after being startled off my shoulder. He is sitting on my head right now preening away. I wonder if his owners are looking for him?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Watch this space!

OK I wasn't so happy with the filmloop I had in my profile, so now I have a slide show!! Thank you so much Retta! I am a complete and utter nuffer when it comes to setting up my blog so I had to ask for help from my e-friends at Scrap 'n Chat.

So now it is off to fix up my banner for the top and the a few other things and that will do until I become more adventurous!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Timmy the tornado

Wow, this week has been a week for Timothy to be revoltingly naughty. He has scribbled all over the screen of my lap top with pencil. I cleaned that off. He trampled all through the garden beds after planting seeds and telling him not to. He spilled cordial over both lounges and the floor rug early one morning (we were all still in bed). He pulled off almost all the keys from laptop - I caught him doing this and as he pulled a key off he threw it over his shoulder saying "whoopsidaisy". I have all the keys back on bar the backspace. Grrr. He spilled milk on the rug yesterday morning (once again he was wake and we were still in bed). So now I am getting up with him. 5:30 am when most mornings here are still in the minus. BRRRRRR!

I hear him browsing the fridge - I'd better go and rescue what ever he is holding hostage.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Film loop up in my profile

Well it took me almost all of yesterday to do it, but here it is, all of my scraps to date (except for the ones I haven't quite finished). You have to click on the link in my profile to view. You have to download filmloop to view it. Sorry about the ads but that's what you get with freeware! Just fastforward until you see them!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Forgive me blog, I have not posted in so long....

Wow time has flown. Zoom, zoom, zooma, zoom, zooooom!

Loads has happened, AJ turned five, Will learnt to walk and we moved house.

Have heaps of photos and scraps to post. I am making a slide show of my scraps to put up here as a permanent fixture, just have to get my finger out of the many other things that seem to be tying up my time, like unpacking and caring for three boys!

I have a software dilemma, I have now used both demos of CS2 and PSE4 and I cannot decide which ne to choose, so I am stuck using my very old and outdated version of PS, sucks man.

Time is against me now, AJ wants to play jigsaws and Will is making grumpy noises - the kind that mean I really want to go to sleep and I want a feed too!

Back in another few months (hopefully sooner) HA HA HA!