Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Here's is my lastest, my inspiration was some fancy camera work on a TV show called Top Gear (a car show on SBS), this is where I got the idea of splitting and tinting the photo.

I wanted bubbles, and couldn't find any quickly so I made my own brush. Here it is. I am quite proud of my effort.

No Longer Available. Enjoy, and please let me know how you use it.

Friday, August 25, 2006

A letter to Aunty Kit

I was inspired to scrap this page after reading Faer's blog and downloading the latest PBP mega kit freebie by Heather's d.r.e.a.m.. Faer has been making some really nice sketches available to download. The one I used was called Letter Sketch, and combined with Heather's part of the mega kit I came up with this LO of my Great Aunt Kit. I altered and coloured the heart to match the ribbon buckle. She always had the most beautiful and stunning stationary and the paper's in Heather's kit remind me of my favourite aunty.

Writing the journaling was quite cathartic for me, it bought back some memories for me that I had not thought of for a long while. I was crying during the process, I really do miss her. Kit was a very special lady. She had experienced a vaired and rich life. She was an "old school" teacher and had some very strong opinions on life. She was never idle. She had some wonderful stories to tell us. Even when she was "elderly" she kept up with her calisthenics. Her favourite phrase was "now let me give you some advice". She was even in a buliding society advert in Newcastle where she was recorded talking about surfing there.

Just thinking about her again has brought tears to my eyes. Here's to you Kit!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So sick of being sick

Yep that's it so sick of it all. As soon as one child gets well another gets sick and now I am as well. One week down of antibiotics and another week to go for me. I have a stupid bacterial infection in my throat and it has really knocked me out. My darling J came down with it yesterday and got AB's as well. Not happy, he cannot afford time off work - he has some deadlines for work this week.

Some exciting news for me down at clikchicdesigns I am a finalist in the August colour challenge! If you really want to you can vote for me here .

Life is pretty busy here, we went to Wakefield Park (Golbourn) Monday to watch a friend drive his civic around the track. All the boys had fun (even the biggest) who had a chance to drive around at high speeds.

I am busy preparing for a big gathering at my place in September. I am hosting a rather large BBQ for my internet mother's group. There are families coming form NSW, QLD and VIC. I am getting really excited as some of us will be meeting for the first time after chatting to each other for 2 years over the net.

Monday, August 14, 2006


The sound of me pulling my finger out.

My slide is updated except for one scrap LO. Try and work out the new ones! I will howeverpost two of them because I am mighty pleased with them and just love the kit I used for them. There will be more of these comming soon.

Credit goes to Faer Oak for her beautiful faer haven grand opening kit (available at the pickleberrypop shop). It was almost as if she had designed this kit for my wedding photos only. I was only just a few weeks ago actually thinking of making my own papers to go with my wedding photos and voila! here's this fabulous kit!

This one you can really see how well the greens go well with Ali's dress. Ahhhh. Beautiful.

Have some photos of the weekend that will be up later on, but Will beckons with a wail, it is lunchtime........