Saturday, February 02, 2013

Adventure 365 {January}

Jewel from Mad Genius Designs has re-vamped and is re-releasing her Adventure 365 series! Check it out!  If you go to her store right now you can pick up the bundle for 45% off or the individual kit parts for 30% off, but only for next 2 weeks.  I hear that there might be a freebie paper stack on her blog too!

There is an awesome freebie Adventure 365 Fair that you can nab at the Mad Genuis Designs Blog.

January for my family is the summer school holidays, with myself and my husband tag teaming work and looking after the boys, so when it come to a long weekend we take it and run! With Australia Day falling on a Saturday, a long weekend occurs rather than having the day off, so we packed up the camper trailer and headed off to Wee Jasper Reserves to Micalong Creek. We were fortunate to get a prime spot on the low side of the creek on what the locals call the island. The boys made friends with the other children and they played non-stop all weekend. The highlight I think was when they all tied up the assorted inflatables together and rafted down the "rapids" of the creek. You can see how much fun they had in the page below.
PS - this page uses Adventure 365 January and very special flair that Mad Genius Designs made just for me!  How awsome is that girl!
As these photos were being taken I almost steped on this little beauty!

Not sure if it was disturbed by me or the children who had run past only minutes before! It slunk of back into the bushes.  This is a baby red belly black snake.

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